"The menu is not the meal. "

- Alan Wilson Watts

  • Varied Experiences of Depression
  • Anxiety, Uncertainty, and Self-Doubt
  • Procrastination, Will, and Motivation
  • Aging, Limits, and Death
  • Relationships, Connection, and Isolation
  • Your Life Path, Patterns, and Transitions

Working one-on-one...

I work primarily one-on-one with adults, though I do sometimes see older teens and couples.

My preferred philosophy of therapy steers away from pathological view of human pain, instead acknowledging that living is sometimes painful...that there is “existence pain” (Yalom, 1989).

The following are types of pain or topics with which this approach can be very potent and helpful.

Varied Experiences of Depression

Though depression may be debilitating intense pain, depressed mood takes other shapes and can be part of a different picture. It may look more like recurrent, stubborn discontent and mild sadness and it is often accompanied by anxiety.

Anxiety, Uncertainty, and Self-Doubt

There is often related struggle with procrastination and decision-making, which may leave you feeling frustrated, impotent, like you're going in circles or stagnant. There are also different flavors of anxiety, and it can be very helpful to discern between them, toward recognizing how to use and cope with anxiety, not suffer from it.

Procrastination, Motivation, and Will

There is a process whereby our wishes and wants manifest as actions and accomplishments. Examining this process within you can reveal blocks and provide insight to avoid stagnation and increase movement.

Aging, Limits, and Death

Mortality is a fundamental struggle, even if it may not show up as rumination about death itself. I enjoy exploring concerns about and questioning our views of aging, at both an individual and a societal level.

Relationships, Connection, and Isolation

We all move in and out of feeling a part of and apart from others. Forming a therapeutic alliance, we will explore your connection and challenges with others in your life.

Your Life Path, Patterns, and Transitions

Working together, we may zoom in or zoom out on your life. Sometimes it is important to focus in closely, just on your experience in the moment - now. Other times existential therapy calls for us to pull back and view your life from a distance, noting the shape of things, the patterns, the direction, the movement.